The PPC Panic List: How To Troubleshoot
A Paid Search Performance Dip

Author and Analyst and one of the Top 25 most influential Paid Search experts Anders Hjorth will offer a webinar 1:00 pm, Tuesday, January 4th on  what to do when things go wrong with your search marketing efforts.

Registration is free but seating is limited. Register here

Hjorth has a PPC Panic List that ask the 10 most important questions you need to answer to turn things around. As we head into the uncertain waters of 2022, this is exactly the webinar you need to anticipate trouble and steer toward calmer and more profitable vistas.

Hjorth is the author of Digital Marketing In A VUCA (Vulnerable, Uncertain, Complex, Ambigous)  World and Major Trends in Paid Search.

He is the author of the Search Strategies Report and the founder of Innovell, a Digital Marketing Insights consultancy researching trends in Digital Marketing.

As a pioneer in SEO, one of the first Google Advertising Professionals and the co-founder of several agencies: Relevant Traffic (Search Marketing), BDBL MEDIA (Biddable Media) and AZNOS (Content Marketing), he has a broad and long-running experience across SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Content Marketing and Programmatic. Anders was also COO for GroupM Search across EMEA.

Anders is also active as a member of various awards juries and advisory boards.

About the PSA Webinar Series

Twice each month, the PSA presents a one-hour virtual webinar for advanced PPC managers. Sessions and speakers are chosen by the PSA Board of Directors, several of which will give the webinar presentations.

Topics will include:

  • News and predictions from the platforms (like Google, Microsoft and Facebook) delivered by platform employees
  • Best practices for achieving success with specific tips like Search, Social and Display advertising
  • Techniques for PPC Forensics – analyzing data to spot problems and opportunities for improvement
  • Best practices for using Smart Bidding features (hint: some of them just don’t work)
  • The list is endless!