Are you new to paid search and want to improve your skills? Are you an experienced marketer looking to give back? You’re both in luck.


The Paid Search Association is excited to launch our official mentorship program. Our mission is to empower members who are new practitioners to pursue a meaningful career in paid media, as well as create a forum for seasoned practitioners to share their lessons learned.

PSA ran a mentorship pilot program with great success. The mentors for the initial pilot were:

  • David Szetela of FMB Media
  • Kirk Williams of ZATO Marketing
  • Anders Hjorth of Innovel


The Paid Search Association will help match mentors and mentees based on the following criteria:

Goals: what are you hoping to get out of this mentorship relationship

Career stage: where are you in your career and where do you want to go

We’ll ask a few questions of mentors and mentees via Google forms to conduct the initial matching. To be eligible for the mentee position, you must be a PSA member. Join today for free!

The length of the mentorship experience is one month. You and your mentor will spend that month communicating via email and possibly Skype or Zoom.

Upon completion, mentors and mentees are free to continue the professional relationship on their own, and/or apply for another match-up.


Select your role and fill out the application to be matched with a mentor or mentee.

If you already completed a mentorship program, we’d love to hear your feedback. Share your experience.


With questions regarding the mentorship program, please contact Melisa Mackey, Paid Search Manager at MerkleB2B and an active member of the Paid Search Association Board of Directors.

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